Traditional Medicinals Mother’s Milk Review

Traditional Medicinals Mother’s Milk is a life saver when my sister gave birth. She had difficulty producing enough milk and this product worked like a miracle to her and to my nephew.

At first I was a skeptic, I just cannot believe that a simple bag of tea claiming to make mothers produce more milk will be really effective. But since we were running out of hope we were desperate to try anything.

It was our mother who told my sister to use the product. She said that some of the women she knew that did not produce enough milk after giving birth highly recommend Traditional Medicinals product.

When the product arrived at her home I immediately went there out of curiosity and I was not disappointed. After drinking 3 cups of tea for the whole day my sister was able to produce 15 ounces of milk the day after. Not bad at all.

For several weeks my sister has been boiling a pot of water every morning and steeps the bag for 15 minutes she then drinks the prepared tea throughout the day. It also made it more convenient for her since she was able to pump milk 3 times at work averaging from 16 ounces to 18 ounces a day.

The tea has a licorice flavor in it and my sister told me that it really taste great. She now is a fan of this product and I had seen how drastic the results were. My nephew is now 6 months old and he is very healthy and plump as a result of my sister drinking Traditional Medicinals Mother’s Milk.