Salacia Oblonga Diabetes Medicine – Review of Salacia Oblonga Capsules a Popular Diabetes Medicine

Salacia oblonga is an ayurvedic herb found in Indian subcontinent which has been traditionally used in treating type 2 diabetes patients. The ayurvedic practitioners in India and Sri Lanka have been effectively using this herb for hundreds of years to keep diabetes under control. A company selling salacia oblonga in capsule form is fully confident of its efficacy and is offering full money back guarantee if it does not show desired results. In this article we are going to review this herb which is growing in popularity amongst the diabetes sufferers.

What Does It Contain?

Salacia oblonga herb contains a-Glucosidase inhibitors: Salacinol and Kotalanol 9, these two inhibitors help in controlling glucose levels in the body. This herb has also been found to assist in lowering excessive weight problems.

Companies Selling This Herb in Capsule Form

At present there is only company named ”Botanika” I know of which is selling this herb in capsule form, the companies website is full of satisfied customer testimonials and a lot of information for diabetes patients and reports of successful trials of salacia oblonga herb on diabetes patients. The capsules are in the strength of 500mg and the dosage is 2 capsules twice daily.


The pricing of the capsules is quite on the lower side compared to other medicines being sold for diabetes treatment. A one month supply of the medicine is priced at $45 while a one year supply is for $300 with free shipping being offered for customers all over the world.

Precautions and Warning

Generally what people do is when they start taking ayurvedic medicines they stop the intake of their prescribed medicines by the doctors. You should not stop taking those medicines immediately but decrease their intake gradually when the ayurvedic herbs start to take control of the body because herbal form of treatment takes time for showing the desired results.

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