Cold Sore Medicine Review – Abreva

You can find Abreva Cold Sore Treatment over-the-counter at most any pharmacy aisle in any store. Abreva is approved by the FDA and says it will reduce the healing time for a cold sore or fever blister. The question is, does it work? We will take a look in a minute.

The Abreva product comes in a relatively tiny 2 gram tube. You can find it retailing for approximately $15 in all stores, or through the Internet.

In reading the directions, it states that you should put the medicine directly on the area where you feel the cold sore coming on. You’re to do this 5 times throughout the day. Abreva says that the key is to begin treatment before the cold sore actually breaks out.

As someone who has cold sores a couple of times during the year, I know how tough they can be to deal with, especially after breaking out. So, I’m always looking for a cold sore medicine that works. With that said, here is my review of Abreva.

1. I found myself having some trouble getting the package open. There is no way to get it open without scissors. Then, when you do get to it, the tube is very tiny, leaving you to wonder if there is anything in it.

2. I found that Abreva took almost a week to take away my pain, not a few days that the product claims. I must say, prescription cold sore medicine is much faster working.

3. Abreva Cold Sore Treatment didn’t eliminate my cold sore quickly. It did work, but not as well as other cold sore medications I’ve used in the past, and nowhere near as fast as a prescription.

4. I was out of Abreva after only 10 days of use. I used it exactly as the directions stated, but the tube didn’t last long. I was a little disappointed to say the least.

I have talked with others who have had good luck with Abreva, but I’m not in that group. I can’t give Abreva a high rating compared to other cold sore medicines available.

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Destroy Hemorrhoids Review – How Quickly Does it Work?

This Destroy Hemorrhoids Review will try to give you an in depth view as to what you can get from this program. This program provides a 3 step solution which it claims to help get rid of the problem permanently. It differs from over the counter or prescribed treatments for hemorrhoids, because it focuses on the actual causes of the condition as well as the symptoms.

Virtually all medicines target the symptoms of conditions, and rarely address the cause. This often means the continual use of the medications, otherwise the symptoms return.

So it makes sense that to get rid of a problem for good, you need to get rid of the cause.

This program uses only natural methods to get rid of the condition, and there are two advantages to this.

The first is that using natural treatments for this particular condition takes away the risks of side effects that you get with many medications.

Secondly you need to keep in mind that our bodies are natural products themselves. This means that they are more tuned to natural ingredients, instead of manmade chemicals which come out of a laboratory.

Our bodies are designed to eat and process natural foods. When we start filling our bodies with ingredients that are not natural, health problems occur in all areas of our bodies.

The Destroy Hemorrhoids program is one of the more popular online programs for reducing and getting rid of the uncomfortable and often frustrating condition. It has been used by quite a lot of people fairly successfully.

The other factor about this program is that it has been around for a while now. This is in its favour, because a system that was useless would soon disappear from the market.

After going through this system, I have to say that a lot of the information in the program ties in with other research that I have done on natural hemorrhoids treatments.

However don’t think that this is some magic cure. You will need to follow the 3 steps that are outlined in the program, and not take any short cuts. But it is no real hardship if you want to get rid of the problem for the long term.

I hope that you found this Destroy Hemorrhoids Review useful.

Are Homeopathic Remedies Always All Natural and the Best Medical Solution

I asked a physician that I know that specializes in Internal Medicines (Dr. Gismondi) what homeopathic medicine is and if products that tout the use of homeopathy are as affective? Below is what he wrote.

Homeopathic remedies are highly diluted preparations to the point that one of my teachers in medical school stated that we would be very lucky to get even one molecule of the herb or remedy in a dose of homeopathic medicine.

Reading about the “scientific” background of Homeopathy we learn that it was started by a German physician by the name of Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) who lived before we had scientific tools and ways to assert whether a new method or medicine really works.

A stated principle of Homeopathy is that you should give the least amount of medicine necessary to cause healing or improvement. This small amount is called the “Minimum Dose.” Since medicines can cause side effects, and some quite serious, Hahnemann began successive dilution and agitation of his medicines to find the point at which they would be presumed to be therapeutic, yet not toxic. But as stated above, there had been no good way to establish whether this highly diluted “medicine” really worked, except for physician impression – known to be an unreliable way to prove efficacy.

This lack of evidence has translated into enough negative studies. Therefore the use of certain Homeopathic preparations as herbal remedies has been discarded as “ineffective” or “questionable” by U.S. medical literature.

Investigating the medical literature regarding Homeopathic Arnica Montana proves this point. Every one of such negative studies was performed with a homeopathic preparation. Yet in a particular biased source [as gleaned from the words used] it is stated that a large review found Homeopathy to show positive results: “British Medical Journal 302-(Feb 1991 ):316-323 Kleignen, J et al. Clinical Trials of Homeopathy– Published review of 105 clinical trials with homeopathic remedies. Eighty-one demonstrated effectiveness.”

In reviewing this article the following conclusion was attached to the published abstract:

“CONCLUSIONS–At the moment the evidence of clinical trials is positive but not sufficient to draw definitive conclusions because most trials are of low methodological quality and because of the unknown role of publication bias. This indicates that there is a legitimate case for further evaluation of homoeopathy, but only by means of well performed trials.” In other words, even this sympathetic reviewer states that it is likely that the reported positive results are due to the bias of the authors in poorly designed studies. And “well performed trials” do not exist.

Many companies on the internet are promoting products for the relief of pain and inflammation with Arnica Montana as a homeopathic solution. As you have read about the definition and effectiveness of homeopathic medicine, the use of enough Arnica would not be affective to your ailments. So when you are investigating an alternative to oral pain medications or the nationally advertised topical analgesics, do not be fooled that homeopathic remedies are the answer.