Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (Season 5) DVD Review

Nominated for 19 Emmys and 5 Golden Globes, including Best TV Series – Drama, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman experienced the rare double victory of audience loyalty and widespread critical acclaim. Premiering in mid-season (January 1993), the hour-long CBS original series illustrated American frontier life like few other shows before it. Like the smash hit Little House On The Prairie, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman vividly portrays the hardship, struggle, and community kinship endemic to the era. One of the first Western-themed shows to cast a female doctor (as the star of the show nonetheless), Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman enjoyed a successful five-year run, marked by two highly-touted made-for-TV movies…

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman follows the exploits of Dr. Michaela “Mike” Quinn, a female doctor living in 19th Century America when that sort of thing was unheard of. Working for years as an assistant in her father’s New England medical practice, the death of her father prompts Dr. Mike to answer a want ad for a doctor in the thriving American frontier town of Colorado Springs. When she arrives, the town is taken aback, having expected she was a man. But Dr. Mike quickly endears herself with the townsfolk and expands her family by adopting three orphan children – Matthew (Chad Allen), Colleen (Erika Flores/Jessica Bowman), and Brian (Shawn Toovey). As the show progresses, she eventually marries local Byron Sully (Joe Lando), and the final seasons focus on the lives of their nuclear family. Sporting an assorted cast of loveable, and sometimes eccentric, characters, the town is never short of excitement or drama…

The Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman (Season 5) DVD features a number of dramatic episodes including the season premiere “Runaway Train” in which Dr. Mike is preparing to go back to work after recently giving birth to a baby girl. However, she is distraught to hear that Sully and Cloud Dancing were taken hostage when the train they had boarded was taken over by robbers… Other notable episodes from Season 5 include “Remember Me” in which a prospector wandering through town is recognized as Jack Slicker’s deadbeat father, and “Hostage” in which Sully, despite being wounded, struggles to free Dr. Mike, Brian, and Katie when they are taken hostage by two bank robbers…

Below is a list of episodes included on the Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman (Season 5) DVD:

Episode 101 (Runaway Train) Air Date: 09-21-1996

Episode 102 (Having It All) Air Date: 09-28-1996

Episode 103 (Malpractice) Air Date: 10-05-1996

Episode 104 (All That Glitters) Air Date: 10-12-1996

Episode 105 (Los Americanos) Air Date: 10-19-1996

Episode 106 (Last Dance) Air Date: 10-26-1996

Episode 107 (Right or Wrong) Air Date: 11-02-1996

Episode 108 (Remember Me) Air Date: 11-09-1996

Episode 109 (Legend) Air Date: 11-16-1996

Episode 110 (The Tempest) Air Date: 11-23-1996

Episode 111 (Separate But Equal) Air Date: 12-07-1996

Episode 112 (A Place to Die) Air Date: 12-14-1996

Episode 113 (Season of Miracles) Air Date: 12-21-1996

Episode 114 (The Dam) Air Date: 01-11-1997

Episode 115 (Farewell Appearance) Air Date: 01-25-1997

Episode 116 (The Most Fatal Disease) Air Date: 02-01-1997

Episode 117 (Colleen’s Paper) Air Date: 02-08-1997

Episode 118 (Between Friends: Part 1) Air Date: 02-15-1997

Episode 119 (Between Friends: Part 2) Air Date: 02-15-1997

Episode 120 (Hostage) Air Date: 02-22-1997

Episode 121 (The Body Electric) Air Date: 04-05-1997

Episode 122 (Before the Dawn) Air Date: 05-03-1997

Episode 123 (Starting Over) Air Date: 05-10-1997

Episode 124 (His Father’s Son) Air Date: 05-17-1997

Episode 125 (Moment of Truth: Part 1) Air Date: 04-26-1997

Episode 126 (Moment of Truth: Part 2) Air Date: 09-27-1997